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Closing the Summer House (The Definitive Checklist) Send It!

Draw a Line in the Sand. This is a Vacation!

So, you’ve just opened up the cottage for the season...   (and if you haven’t…’ll help, I promise). Take a look around before you get too comfortable. Does it feel like you’re on vacation? There’s a difference between your really for real home (the home where the bills go, the home where you’re up too late working on that...

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Start Planning the Summer House of Your Dreams

Is this the year you’re finally making your summer home yours? Congrats! You’re in for a world of fun and family time! With a little planning ahead of time, we can get that cottage ready for summer fun, your style! How can the design of this summer home best support your family, your activities? Making it pretty is a part...

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Bayberry Spring Collection 2019

Big changes are coming to Bayberry this spring. Yep! Bigger than usual. Warm, welcoming and happy coastal treasures are heading our way.  After 20+ years working to create beautiful interiors, supportive of active, resort town residents and visitors.... After 20+ years of pouring over every new edition of Coastal Living Magazine for the latest in the very best kind of...

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Choosing the Best Hardwood Floors for Your Coastal Cottage

Having a vacation home on the water generally means more carefree days, creating memories with family and friends, and overall, enjoying a simpler lifestyle, even if it’s only for a few weeks or months out of the year. So, your floors should reflect that lifestyle and lend a casual style to your coastal home, so you can relax when the...

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Designing Your Summer Home for Family Friendly Living

When you are lucky enough to own a home at the beach, you know that plenty of friends and family will be staying and playing!  Here’s are a few of our favorite tried and true tips for making your home family friendly, low maintenance, and ready for relaxed, summertime fun. Disabella Design Creating an area, indoors or out, that keeps...

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Bayberry Cottage - Interior design studio in Michigan

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