Why should I hire Bayberry Cottage to help with my interior design project?

The Interior Designers at Bayberry Cottage bring a wealth of style, experience and knowledge to your design project that helps to prevent costly mistakes and to define and enhance your distinctive style. They have established relationships with skilled tradespeople and manufacturers saving you countless hours of vetting and supervising trades and purchases.

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What can I expect from our first meeting?

There is no charge for our first meeting - it’s a chance for us to get to know one another and to make sure we’re the right fit for you. We request that all decision-makers are present. We’ll discuss your goals for the space in terms of style and functionality as well as your budget and your ideal timeline. It’s...

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How do I determine what my total investment in the project should be?

Be absolutely honest with your designer about the investment you are considering! Contrary to popular belief, designers aren’t out to spend all of your money. They do want you to have a beautiful, comfortable, perfect-for-the-way-you-live home however, and will suggest quality pieces to reach that end whenever it’s the right decision. Furnishing an entire room or an entire house is...

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What size projects does Bayberry Cottage accept?

One room or a whole house - we can help you with any size project, given our schedule permits us to complete it in the timeframe you’ve requested.

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We are thinking of building a new home or remodeling our home - when should we call an Interior Designer?

As soon as possible! Starting with an Interior Designer at the beginning of a project allows you to work through the entire project with a plan in place, preventing mistakes and keeping your design cohesive. Your long term goal should be in place before your first purchase is made! Although a good designer can help you at any stage in...

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