How do I determine what my total investment in the project should be?

    • Be absolutely honest with your designer about the investment you are considering! Contrary to popular belief, designers aren’t out to spend all of your money. They do want you to have a beautiful, comfortable, perfect-for-the-way-you-live home however, and will suggest quality pieces to reach that end whenever it’s the right decision.
    • Furnishing an entire room or an entire house is sometimes harder to swallow than furnishing your space one piece at a time, but in the end, a space that was completely  planned will always feel more cohesive than a space that was purchased piecemeal.
    • Your designer can guide you based on their knowledge of costs, but they can only guess about which items they should show you if they’re not sure what you expect your investment to be.
    • Trades will all have their own contracts and their own billing and payment structures, so it makes sense to assign separate budgets to each of the professionals working on your project. Have conversations with your architect, general contractor, interior designer, upholsterer, window treatment specialist, etc. about what you can expect in terms of pricing and billing to make the budgeting process easier.