Global Infusion

Our world travelers lived, worked and played in Europe, Asia, and South America for years. They're home now and want to be surrounded by friends, family and the treasures they've collected from all over the world. This design was a little challenging – the clients were living in China at the time, so almost every decision was made via email and we worked based on photos of their collections! The gorgeous Brazilian paintings of children were the inspiration for the Great Room – their soulful eyes and rich, warm colors are the perfect focal points for this space that's made for entertaining. The room is sophisticated yet welcoming, cultured yet playful, and collections, a lifetime in the making, take center stage. 


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Living Room


Decisions on something as important as your home made from over 7000 miles away are difficult, to say the least, and a few things took some coaxing (like the contemporary chairs with the bold fabric). But in the end, great communication, lots of trust, a fabulous global art collection and a vision made this home a rich, warm backdrop for their collections of art and stories from around the world.


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