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Interior Design


  • The Interior Designers at Bayberry Cottage bring a wealth of style, experience and knowledge to your design project that helps to prevent costly mistakes and to define and enhance your distinctive style.
  • They have established relationships with skilled tradespeople and manufacturers saving you countless hours of vetting and supervising trades and purchases.
    • There is no charge for our first meeting - it’s a chance for us to get to know one another and to make sure we’re the right fit for you.
    • We request that all decision-makers are present. We’ll discuss your goals for the space in terms of style and functionality as well as your budget and your ideal timeline.
    • It’s also a good opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have about the design process or how we work.
    • We generally will not offer design advice at this early stage, as we don’t truly understand your project yet, nor do we have a plan in place to see how those ideas will fit into the bigger picture.
    • At this meeting, you will receive our Letter of Agreement and Lifestyle Questionnaire. Our LOA will specify our requested deposit. When we receive the signed Letter of Agreement, the Lifestyle Questionnaire, and the requested deposit  we will begin work on your project.
    • We offer our clients a sliding scale of design fees to more effectively meet their needs.  Gwen DeBruyn $150.00 per hour, Senior Designer $125.00 per hour, Design Assistant $60.00 per hour.
    • We will source furniture, fabrics, and rugs, available to be purchased through BCD at 20%  off of our regular retail prices, or you may purchase referenced (or similar)  items through your own sources. Sourcing for these items will be billed at the hourly rate of the designer or design assistant.
    • If BCD receives a Trade Discount from a supplier other than Bayberry Cottage, and the discount  is greater than 10%, the discount is shared between BCD and the client.
    • You may opt in or out of full installation services which include selection of all art and accessories plus professional delivery and designer installation of all design components, as well as pieces of your own that you would like us to use.
      • All accessories and art will be left for your approval. You will receive pricing for all previously unapproved items at 20% off, and we request that you make a decision about which pieces you would like to keep within 72 hours of receiving pricing so that we may arrange pickup of items you would like to send back.
      • Designer time is billed at $150 per hour and delivery set up is billed at $75.00 per man, per hour.
      • If you opt out of full installation services, we can arrange delivery and placement of all special orders. This service is billed at $75 per man, per hour.
      • If you prefer to arrange pickup of your special orders, please schedule that with us within 30 days of notification that all of your merchandise has arrived to avoid warehousing fees of $150.00 per month.
    • One room or a whole house - we can help you with any size project, given our schedule permits us to complete it in the timeframe you’ve requested.
    • As soon as possible! Starting with an Interior Designer at the beginning of a project allows you to work through the entire project with a plan in place, preventing mistakes and keeping your design cohesive. Your long term goal should be in place before your first purchase is made! Although a good designer can help you at any stage in the design, it is most advantageous for you to have a plan in place at the very early stages of the process.
    • Yes, we are happy to work with tradespeople that you have selected or have worked with in the past.
    • If you would rather work with a team that has been vetted, Bayberry Cottage regularly works with many of our talented local trades from landscape design to architecture to upholstery and we’re happy to recommend the best of the best!
The most important goal of a good designer is happy clients! While it’s true that we consider it our job to take you just outside of your comfort zone (because that’s where really good design lives), in the end your space should function exactly the way that you need it to and should represent your unique style, not your designer’s.
      • Here is our process in a nutshell (your project may or may not require all of these services):
        • Initial meeting - we’ll get to know one another, discuss your goals for the project, and give you the information and paperwork you’ll need to move forward.
        • Scope of Work - we’ll lay out our understanding of the goals of your project and send that to you for your approval.
        • Trade Day - we measure and photograph your space and any existing pieces you want us to work with.
        • Design and drawing of floor plans - includes suggested furniture sizes, possible custom pieces, and traffic patterns
        • Meet with other designers: kitchen and bath, closet, landscape, etc…
        • Meet with contractors
        • Color plan - fabrics and paint colors
        • Furniture sourcing - furniture, rugs, lighting, artwork etc. presented with the floor plans and color plan for your approval
        • Lighting plan - new lighting specifications and placement for contractors
        • Drawings and specifications of custom built pieces
        • Selection of contractor needs: floors, counters, faucets, doors, hardware, etc…
        • Final paint selection
        • Purchasing - fabric cuttings from manufacturers for our approval, vendor purchase orders placed
        • Selection of accessories to be approved after installation
        • Receiving and inspection of orders
        • Punch list
        • Installation day
        • Final meeting
      • You can also expect throughout the length of the project we can, at your request:
        • Coordinate with contractor schedules
        • Observe construction to catch problems before they become big problems
        • Follow-up on orders for quality control and timeliness
  • We can do our very best work when our clients are actively involved and are a part of our “team”
      • Establish a preferred timeframe for the project
      • Establish a budget for the project and talk openly and honestly about it with your designer - without it, she can only guess at the style and quality you’re after.
      • Give your designer clear goals for the space! How do you want it to function? What’s working and what’s not? What do you consider your style to be?
        • Consider starting a profile on so you can show your designer spaces that you love or that inspire you. Pinterest is a great site too!  If you are not already using these sites, we’re happy to help you get familiar with them.
      • Decide which pieces are important enough that you want your designer to work with them.
      • Make decisions as quickly as you can once you have the information you need. Difficulty deciding in a timely manner can lead to big delays on your project.
      • Be open to new ideas. We will listen closely to understand your goals and from there, our job is to create a space that you can’t create on your own, and to think outside of the box to solve your current problems. One idea on it’s own may not speak to you right away, but when creative ideas are looked at with an eye toward the completed project rather than individually, they make more sense.
      • Trust the process! Your designer has a plan, and every decision she makes is made with the end result in mind.
      • Try not to revisit decisions you have already made. Every decision builds on another and to undo one often means backtracking and revisiting a number of other decisions.
      • Don’t shop after you have hired your designer! Again, these surprise purchases can cause your designer to have to redo work that has already been done and often leads to more billable time. If you have really fallen for something, talk to your designer about it before you purchase; how will it affect the decisions that have already been made?
      • Have fun! We’re building your dream home and it should be exciting! We’re here to handle the unexpected (and inevitable) issues that arise with any design project,  so that you can enjoy the process and the beautiful outcome!
      • Interior Design - full service interior design
      • Paint Consultations - a color plan for a room, or a whole house
      • Home Staging - preparation of your home to place it on the market
      • Design Consultations - a problem solving consultation in your home for a specific area that’s giving you trouble.

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