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The Spring Guide for Vacation Homeowners Send It!

Vacation Home Makeover Start-up Kit


We are so excited to get started on your project! For now, we'll ask you to do two things:

1. Fill out your Lifestyle Questionnaire
2. Take photos of the space! See below for some guidelines.



Taking Photos of Your Space

Use a digital camera so that you can easily download the photos to your computer and email them to us. Make sure you name all of the photograph files accurately!
    You'll want to avoid overexposure, so take your photos on a cloudy day or in the late afternoon. If your photos look dark, try using the flash.
      First, take photos of your room. Starting by facing the North wall, try to take a photo of the whole wall. You may need to take more than one to include all of the elements of the wall. Move on to the East wall, South wall, and West wall. Name the digital files North, East, South and West, accordingly.
        Then take photos of architectural elements on each wall. Try to take photos of each window/door/fireplace etc head-on and if you have architectural elements grouped together take a photo showing the whole group. Name these files according to the wall they are on. Ex: fireplace north wall.
          Take close up photos of any “keeper” or “maybe” furnishings in the room. Make sure to put all of these items into the “keeper” or “maybe” charts on the proceeding pages and then name your digital files according to what you called them on the charts!
            Take photos of adjoining rooms and at least one of the exterior of your home so we can better understand your personal style and the architectural style of your home.
              If you've got dogs or kids, try to get them in at least one of the pictures...just because it will make us smile!
                So now you're a pro at interior photography! You can get your photos to us by emailing them to us, but you may have too many to send all in one email. If that's the case, you can send multiple emails, or set up a free Dropbox account at and then follow the directions to share the photos with us – whichever is easier for you!

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