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  1. Nexus T229 - Retired

Nexus T229 - Retired

$ 110.00

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There is a love between the sun and moon,
Echoed in shadows; a reflection of our dreams.

Retired: 2012
Name: Nexus
Collection: 2009 - Fall : Enchantment
Tile #: T229
Status: Retired
Size: 6x8 in.
About this collection:

This season, Sid Dickens’ collaboration with the past instills us with universal delight. A compilation of nine pieces, Dickens’ Enchantment collection embodies his intimate connection with time past. Refining cherished icons and ancient fragments, he resurrects the wonder of long-forgotten ages, imbuing their stories with new life. The Renaissance, Age of Enlightenment, Romantics, bridged for us to modern day and made timeless by the imprint of his signature aesthetic.

With stirrings of very early works as his muse, Dickens travels his unfolding passage and bids us share the journey to memories rediscovered. Rich palettes, underscored with subtle textures, hint at captivating stories. This collection charms the senses and illuminates the creative instincts of the viewer, offering to each of us, our own personal narrative.

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